Multiplication of Two Digit Numbers ( 2 x 1 Digit)

Hi Kids,
As we have learnt math addition and subtraction in the previous chapters, we will learn solving arithmetic multiplication problems in his page. Let us learn to multiply a 2 (two) digit number with 1 (one) digit number.
For example, consider the numbers 88 and 6 for this problem.


Write the number (88) of this on top and the one digit number 6 below, as given in the image.


As the rule in math multiplication problems, let us first multiply 6 with the number in “ones” column. Multiplying 6 and 8, we get 48. However, we cannot write 48 in the “ones” column.
So write 8 below the “ones” column and carry forward 4 to the “tens” column of the two digit number.


Now, multiply 6 with 8 in the “tens” column. We get 48. Along with this 48, add the number 4 which was carried forward. We get 52.


So the answer is 528.
Learning to solve the multiplication problems is made easier here.

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