Learn Adding Fractions

Hi Kids,

Adding fractions with different denominators is simple. It can be added by making the denominators same. Let us learn it online, with few activities. Learning is fun when it is done with bforball.com. Just follow the below steps to add.





Let us consider the math example,



  Step 1:

Before adding, multiply the numerator of each fraction by the denominator of the other fraction. Now multiply both the denominators.



  Step 2:

Now children, the next step in this online learning is to add the numerators.



  Step 3:

Now, reduce (simplify) the fraction if possible. In this example, it is not possible to reduce the math problem.



Adding two numbers can also be done by finding a common denominator (through LCM).

Learning addition of fraction with different denominators online with activities for children is made easier here.


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