Basic Math Division For Kids

Dear Children,
Let us learn here how to divide numbers.

What is division?

Division is nothing but "splitting" a number in to "equal parts".


Kid, Consider that you are having 2 chocolates in your hand and you have two best friends. How you will share the chocolates equally with your friends?
When you give 1 chocolate to each of your friend then 2 – 2 gives zero, so that both of your friend will have equally 1 chocolate each.

Basic Division Steps

This sharing or splitting of a number by another is called "division".


Learn how to divide 6 balloons equally with 3 persons.
Now consider that you have "six" balloon and you have to share the balloons among your "three" friends named Rina, Johny, Tinku then, how many balloons will each of your friend will get?
You can give "two" balloons to each friend, so that you can equally share "six" to "three" friends as shown in below image.

Teach Math Division

Symbol or Sign

The symbol or sign used to represent the division is,

÷ , /

How to divide 6 by 3, can be written as follows,

6 by 3    or    6 by 3

Slash means "divided by" or you can represent with a "division symbol" which looks like horizontal line with a dot above the line and below the line.
Fantastic way to teach kids with easy to follow, real time example for dividing numbers.
Fun resource for parents and teachers to teach division for their children online.

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