Adding Decimals for Kids

Hello Children,
Now that we know what decimals are, let us proceed with the online learning of addition of two decimal numbers. Let us consider 4.25 and 6.5

Decimal addition 4.25+6.5

Before adding, write the numbers one below the other. Make sure that the decimal points of both the numbers are lined up as given below.

Arrange 4.25+6.5

Learning decimals addition is quite similar to the addition of the normal whole numbers. However, we need to place the point in the proper position. In the below example, adding 4.25 and 6.5, we get 10.75

Arrange 4.25+6.5

Now, let us try the same with another example. Let us add 28.12 and 33.248

Arrange 28.12+33.248

As done for the previous addition, write the numbers one below the other and line up the decimal point.


Adding 28.12 and 33.248, we get 61.368 as the answer.


Learning addition of decimals is made easier here.

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