Decimals and Place Value Basics

Hey Kids,
Till now, we have learnt about the whole numbers in the previous chapters.Now let us learn decimal numbers. But before learning that, let us recollect the concept of place values.

Find the place values given for the below number.


Decimal numbers are the representation of fractional numbers without numerator and denominator. For example, the fractional number 7/10 can be written as 0.7 - which is the decimal form. The point (.) is the decimal point. These are the basics of decimal numbers.

In the below image, the numbers after the point (.) form the decimal part of the number.


The numbers in the decimals too have place values. It starts from the first number after the point and goes on. They are named tenths, hundredths, thousandths, and goes on.

Check the below image where the place value is given in order.


Now, let us combine the whole portion and the decimal portion of a number and learn its place value. It should be represented as given in the below image.


Learning the basics of decimals is made easier here.

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