Multiplying Decimals for Kids

Hey Children,
In this chapter, let us learn multiplying two decimal numbers. Learning multiplication of decimals is simple.

Consider the numbers 5.5 and 2.3.


Write down the numbers 5.5 and 2.3 one below the other, as given in the image.

Arrange 5.5x2.3

To make the multiplication easier, let us multiply the numbers without the decimals first.


Now we need to place the decimal point in the proper position.

Count the number of digits before which the point is placed in each number i.e. 5.5 and 2.3 – In both the numbers, it is placed before one digit. So we have a total of two digits.

3.55 x 2.1

Place the decimal point before two digits in the answer, as given below. Learn by practicing similar activities.


Now, let us try multiplying another two numbers. Let us multiply 3.55 and 2.1


As done for the previous multiplication, write the numbers one below the other.

Arrange 3.55x2.1

Multiply without decimal points.


Now, count the number of digits before which the decimals are placed. It is placed before 2 digits in 3.55 and before one digit in 2.1. So we have a total of 3 digits, before which the point needs to be placed. Therefore the answer, after multiplying 3.55 and2.1, is 7.455 as given below.


Learning the multiplication of decimals is made easier here.

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