Subtracting Decimals for Kids

Hey Children,
In the previous chapter, we understood that learning addition of decimals is easy.

Here we will understand that learning subtraction of numbers is easy too. Let us find how to subtract 3.12 from 6.25, in this page.


As followed in the subtraction, write the two numbers one below the other and line up the decimal points.

Arrange 6.25-3.12

This decimals subtraction is quite similar to the subtraction of the normal whole numbers. However, we need to place the point in the proper position. In the below example, subtracting 3.12 from 6.25, we get 3.13.


Now, let us learn the same with another example. Let us subtract 23.242 from 38.48.


As done for the previous subtraction, write the numbers one below the other and line up the decimal point.

Arrange 38.48-23.242

Add zero to the right of 38.48 so that the number of digits in both the numbers match.


Subtracting 23.242 from 38.48, we get 15.238 as the answer.


Learning subtraction of decimal numbers is made easier here.

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