Definite Articles for Kids

The - Definite Article:
  • Definite means things we know before. 'The' is the only one definite article in the English Grammar.
  • So, kids keep in mind and use 'The' before a particular person, place or thing.
  • It comes at any part of the sentence before noun
  • It is the most common word used in English language.

Let us learn more about definite article with examples and exercises given below.

Examples based on Gender:

1) The boy is eating ice cream.

2) The girl is painting a bird.

3) The children are dancing in the rain.

4) The woman takes class.

In the above examples, 'The' is used before noun.

Examples based on Place or things:

1) My dad took me to the park.

2) I love animals in the zoo.

3) I use to play with the ball.

4) Open the first page.

5) The door was closed.

In the above examples, 'The' is used before the thing.

Examples based on Universal Truth:

1) The moon appears in the night.

2) The sun rises in the east.

In the above examples, 'The' is used before Universal truth.

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