Hi Kids,
Let us learn the descending order.

What is descending order??

It is arranging the numbers from largest to smallest. Let us learn it more easily with the below given example.


Consider, three plates of chocolates.

descending descending descending
Plate1 Plate2 Plate3

In the given three plates,
  • Plate1 has four chocolates.
  • Plate2 has two chocolates.
  • Plate3 has six chocolates.

From these three plates, which plate has more number of chocolates??

It is plate3, which has more number of chocolates i.e. 6 chocolates.


Next, we consider plate1 which has lesser number of chocolates than plate3. i.e. 4 chocolates.


Finally, we take plate2 with only two chocolates which is the least in number when compared with plate1 and plate3.


Now, let us arrange the plates with chocolates from largest to smallest in descending order.

descending > descending > descending

6 > 4 > 2

If numbers are given in any order, you should know how to arrange it correctly.
Arranging numbers in descending order is an essential task for you kids.
Here you can learn how to arrange any order of numbers from largest to smallest.

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