Place Values of Numbers

Hi Kids,
Let us learn how to write a number in expanded form based on the place values of numbers. Initially, we will begin by placing the number's digits in the place value table properly for 1's, 10's and 100's place. In this expanded form of numbers for kids page, you can learn in detail about a number’s expanded form with easy definition and example.

Place values

Consider 145.
Apply place values,

145 Place Value

It can be written as,

145 Expanded Form

145 =
1 x 100 = 100
4 x 10 = 40
5 x 1 = 5

145 = 100 + 40 + 5

Kids need to learn the concept of place values of numbers to understand the position of a number, such as ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands places. While writing a number in expanded form, each digit will represent a different value based on its position. This expanded form of numbers for kids learning activity will be helpful for you kids when you carry out math problems with giant numbers.

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