Improper Fractions - Definition with Examples

  • A fraction is called as a improper fraction when the numerator is less than or equal to the denominator.
  • It is just opposite to proper fraction.

Let us learn more about this with examples and exercises.

Example 1:
Improper fractions - example 1

Kids, think its your birthday. Now you have totally eight pieces of pizza with you. But you have only three friends to share the pieces of pizza.

You have excess pieces of pizza but less members to share it.

Here, the value is 8/3 and this is a improper fraction.

  Example 2:
Improper fractions - example 2

You have totally five pieces of pizza. But only you and your friend going to share this five pieces of pizza.

Here, the value is 5/2 and this is a improper fraction.

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