Mixed Fractions - Definition with Examples

  • A fraction is called as a mixed fraction when the whole number is added with a fraction.

Let us learn more about this with examples and exercises.

Example 1:

Kids, consider the shape of triangle. You have total of five triangle shapes with you. If you have one half triangle, among the five triangles then it is called as mixed fraction.

Mixed fractions - example 1

From the above picture, we have 4 triangle and a half triangle.

Here, the value is 4 12 and it is a mixed fraction.

Example 2:
Mixed fractions - example 2

Imagine that you have total of six triangles in your hands. But among 6, you have only three by fourth part of one triangle.

Rest of the triangle have complete shape. Here, the value is 5 34 and it is a mixed fraction.

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