Gerater Than Math symbol for kids


Greater than (>) means first number is bigger than the second number.
(i.e.) If the number is given as 5 > 2, then it means that 5 is greater than 2.


Greater than is indicated by the symbol,

Example Activity:

The below given activity will teach kids and children to understand the greater than symbol easily.
Consider that you have four (4) chocolates in your right hand and two (2) chocolates in your left hand.


Right hand

Left hand

The number of chocolates in the right hand is greater than the number of chocolates in your left hand.


Right hand

Left hand

Four chocolates are greater than two chocolates.

4 > 2

Teach greater than math symbol easily to your kids using the simple example given here.
This learning activity is designed especially for your kids to learn about the math symbol and you can teach it to them without trouble.

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