Indefinite Articles for Kids

A/An - Indefinite Articles:
  • There are two indefinite article in English grammar. They are a and an.
  • It is used to refer any person, place or thing.
  • Indefinite means not clear. It is used when you don't know about the particular person, name or thing.
  • So, kids always use indefinite article when you don't know much about the noun

Let us learn more about indefinite article with examples and exercises given below.
An- is used before vowel sound words starting with the letters a,e,i,o,u.

Examples for AN:

   1) An apple a  day keeps doctor away.

2) I saw an elephant in the forest.

3) It is an ink bottle.

4) My sister bought me an orange.

5) Everyone bought an umbrella today.

In the above examples, 'An' is used before noun.

Examples for A:

1) I went to meet a doctor.

2) I am a singer.

3) xSita went to a park last week.

4) He is a Novelist.

In the above examples, 'a' is used before the verb or a noun.


Some words begin with U but the article is 'a'.


A Universal, A European, A Useful etc.,
Some words begin with H but the article is 'an'.


An Hour, An Honest man etc.,
Sound plays a major role, rather than spelling of a word.

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