Learn Indian Money, Currency and Coins

India One rupee India One rupee

One rupee

India Two Rupees India Two Rupees

Two Rupees

India Five rupees India Five rupees

Five rupees

India Ten rupees India Ten rupees

Ten rupees

India Twenty rupees India Twenty rupees

Twenty rupees

India Fifty rupees India Fifty rupees

Fifty rupees

India Hundred rupees India Hundred rupees

Hundred rupees

India Five hundred rupees India Five hundred rupees

Five hundred rupees

India Thousand rupees India Thousand rupees

Thousand rupees

Online Indian money, currency and coins information for preschool and kindergarten kids.
Money is needed to buy you kids with chocolates and ice creams or anything else.
In the money is in the form of coins or paper currency.
You can learn about the different coins and currency of with these activities.
Money in different countries looks different in shape, size and design.
Kids can click on the specific money image to learn more about the currency.