Lattice Multiplication Basics for Kids

Lattice Multiplication, in mathematics, is a method of multiplying using a grid.

It is very useful for multiplication with more than one digit. However in this page, let us see how to place numbers in lattice multiplication.

You can understand multiplying using this method better with the below square image. Draw a diagonal from the top right corner to bottom left corner. The numbers will be arranged as follows - upper portion will have “Tens” and the lower one will have “Ones”.


Now, let us try with a math problem. Consider 3 and 6. The product of 3 and 6 is 18.


As the basics of lattice multiplication, we need to write numbers as given below while multiplying. Write 1 and 8 in tens and ones place respectively. Also write 3 and 6 - on top and on the right side as given below.


Learning the basics of lattice multiplication (placing numbers) is made easier here.

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