Mixing Colors for Kids

Teach colourful mixing activity for kindergarten and preschool kids with primary colours such as red, green, blue and white.

#FF0000 #FFFF00 #0066ff #ffffff gif gif gif gif
rgb(255,0,0) rgb(255,0,0) rgb(255,0,0)
rgb(0,255,0) rgb(0,255,0) rgb(0,255,0)
rgb(0,0,255) rgb(0,0,255) rgb(0,0,255)
white white white

Mix colours as you want by clicking color tube wheel. (Color Wheel          )

Click on "Fill" button to apply the mixed colours for the given picture.

Wonderful coloring activity for kindergarten children of age 3 to 5. Teach primary colors for kids easily.

Primary Colours Mixing Chart

RYB Colour Model

Red + Blue = Violet
Blue + Yellow = Green
Yellow + Red = Orange

RYB Color Wheel

RYB Color Wheel