No Article for Kids

We wont use article 'The' while referring to the below special cases:

  • Plurals,
  • Uncountable nouns,
  • People name,
  • Books,
  • Countries,
  • Any places,
  • Planet name,
  • Years,
  • sports

Let us learn more about no article with examples and exercises given below.


1. India is a democratic country.

2. Wheat is an important source of food in North India.

3. Saturn is surrounded by a ring system.

4. I was born in 1995.

5. Children love reading Cinderella stories.

6. John loves riding horses.

7. Most Indians likes watching cricket.

8. I am from Delhi.

9. I got three boxes of crackers for Diwali.

10. We arranged a family trip to Ooty.

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