Learn Place Value of a Number

Hey Kids,
Let us learn the place value of a number in this page. It is nothing but the position of digits in numbers.
The place value of each number increases ten times than the one on its right.
For example it starts from ones, and goes on to tens, hundreds, etc (i.e it increases ten times). This is because the base of our number system is 10.
Before learning it, find below the given ten base digits. Any number we write is based on these ten digits.

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Below diagram is the representation of place value in the increasing order from right to left.


For example in 25, the place value of 5 is ‘one’ and 2 is ‘ten’. So we can say that the 25 has 5 ones and 2 tens.


Let us take another example of 428. 8 is ‘one’, 2 is ‘ten’ and 4 is ‘hundred’. So we can say that 428 has 8 ones, 2 tens and 4 hundreds. We can write it as 4 x 100 + 2 x 10 + 8 x 1.


Remember that always the place value of the rightmost number will be ‘one’ and the one preceding will be ‘ten’ and the one preceding ‘ten’ will be ‘hundred’ (in 3-digit numbers) and so on.
Learning for preschool and kindergarten kids is made easier here.

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