Be Careful What You Wish For Poem with Lyrics

I believe death is the ultimate freedom.I'd rather just have my freedom as soon as I can get it Jodi Arias

You're the center of attention, you're the star of the show,
Your lies may have fooled them, but in your eyes-
There is no soul.
You're a wolf in sheep's clothing, you're the devil
In disguise.
You said you wish for death, and that life would be the ultimate punishment-
But they'd be fools to believe you, in your topsy-turvy world of
You show no remorse-
No empathy, no sadness, and no guilt,
So stand by, and hold your breath-
While the twelve of us decide your fate for the blood you spilt.
And go ahead, set up another interview
Tell the world that we got it wrong,
While you apply for appeal after appeal.
But your time will come Yes your number will come due,
When the needle of Death comes knocking on your door,

The last words the reporter spoke, was not another question asked,
But rather a word of caution to

"Be Careful What You Wish For" is a poem written by Kelly Seale. Children and Kids can take free print out of the poem and learn it with lyrics. The author here explains about choosing an individuals wish.