The Ants Poem with Lyrics

The ants, the ants
on tips of plants
on sticks, on stones,
on ice cream cones;

beneath the ground
they ebb and flow,
precisely know
who's friend, who's foe.

They dig, they climb,
they drag, they haul
(they never seem
to play at all).

At obstacles
thrown in their path
they laugh! (Well, really,
ants don't laugh:

they just speed up
their ant-like flow
and find a different
way to go.)

But when a gang
attacks their nest?
They beat their legs
against their chests,

they snap their
giant mandibles
and drive them out
with great success.

And then, after
the fight has quit,
they go back home
to baby-sit.

The wonderful lyrics of the poem "The Ants" was written by The Joyce Sidman.
The poem is all about the ants its restless life with passion towards their work.
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