The Coming Night Poem with Lyrics

Now the sun in full strength sweeps the earth
In every land and clime, their every length and breadth.
My love, radiant daughter of the most High
Has permitted it so to shine, to shine not sigh,
For our beautiful love is sheer bliss.
Our lives, our world, even our simple kiss
Celebrate the greatest of all conjugal loves.
And good heaven smiles ever so at us.

But now the shadows are lengthening by the day.
My silvery pate with each passing day fades away.
Westward the blazing star is heading home
And by the fading light the weary bard finishes his final tome.
Come then, winter come, over this darkening prairie,
For my love was a silent one long ago.

The lyrics of the poem "The Coming Night Poem" was given by an unknown author.
The author has described the day from the sunrise to the sunset.
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