Sentence for Kids / Children

What is a sentence?

  • Sentence is a combination of words which is used to communicate with people.
  • It must contain a subject and predicate.
  • It is used to convey a statement, question, request, exclamation, etc.

A sentence can be broken up as Subject and Predicate or as Parts of speech .


Children, lets learn what is a sentence with easy examples.
A Sentence can have any number of words.

Example 1:

I Love English Grammar

I   +   Love   +   English  +   Grammar.

Here, we have used four words to make a sentence.

Example 2:

Kids Are Learning English Sentence

Kids   +   Are   +   Learning  +   English  +   Sentence.

Here, we have used Five words to make a sentence.
First we will see what is Subject and Predicate in a sentence before learning Parts of speech.

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