Short Form of a Number - Place Values

Hi Kids,
Let us learn how to write a number in short form.


Reducing a number based on the place value is known as "Short Form".


Consider 51
Based on place values, 5 is in 10\'s place and 1 is in 1\'s place.

51 Place Value

Multiply the number with the place values 10 and 1.

51 Short Form

5 x 10 =50
1 x 1 = 1


Kids need to learn the concept of place values to understand the position of a number, such as ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands places.
This math learning will be helpful for you kids when you carry out math problems with giant numbers.
While writing a number in short form, each digit will represent a different value based on its position in a number.
In this page, you can learn in detail about a number\'s short form with easy definition and example.
Have fun with this place value math learning activity.

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