Three (3) Digit Subtraction With Regrouping (Borrowing)

Hey Kids,
Since we have seen the two-digit subtraction with regrouping, it should not be difficult for you to do the same in three-digit math problems.

Now let's subtract 118 from 334.


Arrange the two numbers as below (one below the other), before subtracting.


we need to subtract 8 from 4.But it is not possible.

In such math problems, where we do not have bigger one on top, we need to borrow a number from the 'tens' column, for subtracting.

If you see the 'tens' column, you have 3 on top. Now, borrow one number from 3 and add that in the 'ones' column. So, as given in the below picture, strike off 3 and write 2. This is called regrouping (borrowing). Add that borrowed 1 to 4 to make it 14.


Now can you subtract 8 from 14? Absolutely! Subtraction is possible. So subtract 8 from 14. We get 6. Write 6 in 'ones' column.


Let us come to the 'tens' column of these three-digit numbers now. We have 2 above and 1 below. Subtracting 1 from 2, we get 1. Write 1 in the 'tens' column.


Let us do the same for the numbers in 'hundreds' column as well. 3-1=2. Write 2 in the 'hundreds' column.


Did you get 216? Congratulations! That is the answer.

Subtraction of three-digit numbers with regrouping (borrowing) is made easy here.

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