Two (2) Digit Addition Without Regrouping

Hey Kids,
We know that adding two single digits in math is easy. How about the addition of two digit numbers? It is easy too.
Let's see how we add numbers without regrouping (carrying over).
Now let's add 44 and 12.


Arrange the two numbers one below the other, before adding.


The digits in the rightmost column should be added first. So let us do for the two numbers in the 'ones' column. 4+2=6. So write the answer 6 in the 'ones' column.


Now, let's do the same for the 'tens' digits. 4+1=5. Again, write 5 in 'tens' column.


So, we got 56 as the answer in the above math problem.


Now, adding numbers without regrouping is simple. Isn't it?

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