Two (2) Digit Subtraction With Regrouping (Borrowing)


From the previous session, we know how to subtract 2 two-digit numbers.

In this page, let's see subtracting with regrouping (borrowing). It is similar to the simple subtraction which we learnt in the previous section.


Before subtracting, arrange the two numbers of the math problem as below (one below the other).


As the rule, we have to work on the digits in 'ones' column first i.e., we have to subtract 8 from 4. But is it possible? No, because 4 is smaller than 8; so we cannot continue.

In such cases, when we do not have bigger number on top, we need to borrow a number from the 'tens' column. If you see the 'tens' column, you have 3 on top. Now, borrow one number from 3 and add that in the 'ones' column.

So, as given in the below subtracting picture, strike off 3 and write 2. Add that borrowed number 1 to 4 to make it 14.


Now can you subtract these two numbers of the math problem, i.e. 8 from 14? Absolutely! You can.

So 14-8=6. Write 6 in the 'ones' column.


Let us come to the digits in the 'tens' column now. We have 2 above and 1 below.

So 2-1=1. Write 1 in the 'tens' column.


Did you get 16? Congratulations! That is the answer.


Subtraction with regrouping (borrowing) is made easy here.


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